terior township


By turning unconstructed sites into computer image, we offer virtual visits, which are still realistic.

Business chances can then be guaranteed in various
situations like at an exhibition, storefront, etc.

Presentation on a large screen

Attract your audiences by explaining about a property with a large screen at a real estate exhibition.

Virtual Realy Experience with Head Mounted Display

By using Oculas, HTC Vive, etc., enjoy the experience with the sense of immersion as if you are going into a virtual city.

Available for Viewing with a multi devices

Customize your device for a purpose as it offers the same experience with a tablet terminal or a smartphone, let alone a PC.


terior township
terior township
terior township


Visualized “Urban Village”, under construction in Phnom Penh, with full CG and created application for touch screen that has simulating function. This app is in Urban Village showroom for any visitors to imagine the completion of this condominium.

Walk through function let you to explore featured area, such as shopping area and pool, and those buildings or rooms that are already built can be checked as high quality panorama photos. In addition, we developed an app for tablet to let anyone to experience this app content anywhere.

We developed promotional application of luxury condo “J TOWER 2” designed by Japanese developer, Tanichu Asssetment.Co.,Ltd. We chose night scene for exterior landscape design, which stands out the building itself, and our lighting design creates the luxury atmosphere.

Besides the app, we created website with some CG materials. Inserted photos of a various areas in the condo as background and a content that can show 360°exterior view. Those features enables you to experience the application content on web browser.

All areas of the unconstructed condominium can be made into a 360-degree CG view. Within the VR, you can “walk around” as well.

In addition to computer images of the site, simulation of window/ balcony view is installed. An animation movie clip is also provided for your promotional activities. We do quality interior and exterior design.