Megro Project
Case Study 04

Megro High-rise Apartment

Virtual Showroom with Window walkthrough and VR walkthrough

We developed this Virtual Showroom for our client in Japan. You can use both Window Walkthrough and VR walkthrough.
Also, you will see types of room for you to select. Your customers can walkthrough any room they like with floor plan as indicator or without indicator when you wear VR headsets.

Simply click any room you like and you will be in that room.

Customers know exactly the type of house they are in (Type M or Type L). They can also understand which room they are in because there is a floor plan to their screen right as a map.

After the overall understanding and view of each room in the types of house they like, you customers can jump right into VR and see those rooms right in front of them. They can walk into living room, bedroom, bathroom, playground room and more.